Scenes From The Green

Scenes from the Green

Fuzzy flowers unfurled

Lean towards the benevolent sun,

Drinking in liquid sunbeams

Above the polka dot pavement.

Painted houses,

Lime, lilac, violet,

Observe the thriving park with

Watchful window-eyes.

A flock of pigeons

Coordinate clumsily in the air,


Circling the spire.

Baked brittle ivy,

Tanned golden brown,

Clings like a limpet

To an aged awakening tree.

Criss-cross airplane trails:

Soft scissors

Slicing a silken sky

In perfect periwinkle.

A lone lost leaf

Twirls erratically

As though possessed,

Seized by a dancing spirit.

Small dogs scour the grass

On nose-led explorations,


By the sweet smells of Spring.

Emma H, age 26, 13/03/2017

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