A Selection of Random Images 1


My unsteady reflection

Faint and distorted

Flickering across

Rain-washed plastic

And dirt-stained windows.


Red and white jewels

Sparkling in structured lines

Strung like fairy lights

Along a darkened carriageway

Passing in a blur.


A steely white glow

Shining hazily through

A gloomy sheet of drizzle

Punctuated by a grid

Of black diamonds.


A lone raindrop

Like a solitary tear

Spilling overboard

And rolling languidly

Down the window pane.


A cold silver light

Illuminating ghostly

Glistening branches

Like an opaque spider web

Shimmering in the dark.


Emma H, age 26, 01/02/2017

This is the first of a few poems where I have taken fairly ordinary sights that have caught my attention during the day, and attempted to add some poetic whimsy.

In this instance, each stanza depicts something I saw on a rainy commute home back in late January.

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