Dusk – #writephoto



The dusk sunshine

Erupts through

the ocean of clouds;

A glowing gap,

Like a missing puzzle piece.

A soft radiance

Gilding ripples

Of a shimmering sea.


Dominating the view,

Such that surf and sky

Blend seamlessly:

Horizon irrelevant.


Of rocky outcrops,

Genuflect before

The sleepy sun.

On the shadowed beach,

Two lovers,

Undeterred by

Cold sands underfoot,

Take centre stage

In a sunset show.

Emma H, age 26, 10/03/2017

Post in response to the Horizon #writephoto challenge set by Sue Vincent. This is the first time I have ever submitted a piece to a writing challenge from another blogger – it is probably not my best work, but I enjoyed having a photo prompt to spark my¬†creativity! I hope to partake in further challenges to improve my¬†style and perhaps even eventually attempt short stories (which I haven’t written in over 10 years!)…

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