First Connections

We found each other through technology:

The new frontier.

We met

Photo to photo,


Through nervous stilted conversations

In typed word.


When you approached me in person,

You trembled like a puppy,

Unconfident, anxious,


We connected

Through nervous one-way conversation,



When you knocked your fork to the floor,

You were crestfallen

At my thoughtless sarcasm.

But through Tikka Masala

And mild intoxication,

We continued our nervous conversation

All evening.


When we departed,

You escorted me home,

Ever the gentleman,

Pausing anticipatively outside my door.

Connected physically

Through a nervously overenthusiastic kiss:

The first of many.


Emma H, age 26, 09/03/2017

Poem inspired by the first date I had with my current boyfriend and yesterday’s Daily Prompt – I had never seen anyone so endearingly nervous before! 🙂

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