They warned me about you.

But I was soaked

By the hungry adoration in your eyes,

Blinkered by the feverish

Desperation of my heart;

For I sought a rock,

And you were a rainstorm.

You were a pathetic fallacy,

Windswept, meteoric,

Come to wreak havoc, then

Banish me

To the furthest shadows of your conscious

Whilst you lavished attention on


Your absence was a poison

Bleeding through my veins,

A drenching pain,

My mind floundering, drowning;

And after the raging tempests

We became driftwood,

Swept by different currents.

In later times,

You put pen to paper

In desperate repentance,

Pouring out your soul

To beg for atonement.

And yet,

You owed the world more

For the girl you wronged,

And your ship sailed

Into a sandstorm.

I never wished for your wreckage,

But still,

I guess that’s what they call


Emma H, age 26, 20/02/2017


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