A Love Letter to Sevilla


Beneath blazing sunshine

In a city half-boiling,

I wander the scalding, scintillating streets,

Devouring the Moorish architecture of

Bejewelled terracotta facades,

Shimmering tiles canary and azure,

Revolving around soaring towers and

Vaulted ceilings

Of cathedral grandeur.


Walled gardens house

Creeping roses, palatial hedgerows

And greenish ponds,

Enthroned peacocks resplendent

In their feathered gowns,

Marching across the cracked, baked earth.

Inside, intricate archways, domed halls,

Mysteries locked behind closed doors,

A playground for the imagination.


I flit under spray rainbows,

Traverse mosaicked bridges,

And dance upon the magnificent staircases

Of a great arced palace,

Then seek shelter in the dense, lush shade

Wherein hide flowered pergolas blooming,

Fat frogs spouting,

Fountains, fowl and fauna that fascinate

Until the sun begins to yawn.


At dusk,

A model town, golden-plated,

Bathed in the mellow glow

Of a sunset sky,

Shadows stretching between streets,

Amongst jumbled rooftops and

Glistening spires in relief;

Urban beauty highlighted

By the last kiss of an exhausted sun.


In the darkness, the city can breathe.

Night-worshippers throng the boulevards,

Enticed by the aromas of a

Tapas treasure-trove,

And dazzling mirrored lights

Strung along the riverside,

And the delicious strain of

Spanish guitar floating on the dry air,

To dance until dawn.


Sevilla, I love you.

You are stylish and sensual,

Sinful and soulful,

A cultural harmony to discover and delight.

You are a breath-taking beauty,

A feast for the senses,

A healer of heartbreaks,

Just a brief chapter of my story,

But a love eternal.

Emma H, age 26, 14/02/2017

I rather appropriately wrote this love letter poem on Valentine’s Day, and on a gloomy, drizzly day like today I’m longing┬áto be back in sunny Seville more than ever! I lived there for 3 months about 5 years ago, and although I went through some tough times there, I fell head-over-heels in love with the Andalusian city.

All photos are my own; just a small selection that still don’t manage to do the beautiful city justice!

This is also the first in an ongoing series of travel poems I’m writing about places I have visited, lived or holidayed in – more to come! ­čÖé

4 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Sevilla

  1. Reblogged this on In Emma World and commented:

    Happy Throwback Thursday, and more importantly, National Poetry Day! I am soon to go off on my first proper holiday in over a year, so I thought I would get in the sun-chasing mood by reposting my poem dedicated to the gorgeous Andalusian city of Seville. Enjoy!


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