Mirror, Mirror


Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Stare me down and watch me fall,

Judgemental eyes, scolding tongue,

My self-confidence is stung,

Hair and tum and skin and tooth,

Every line reveals the truth.


Mirror, mirror, reflect me,

Show me what I hate to see,

Body wrapped in teenage skin,

Ugliness outward, within,

Flesh balloons and folds increase,

Vicious thoughts won’t give me peace.


Mirror, mirror, I am you,

Vitriol distorts my view,

Attacking my own self-esteem,

Surface tears and inner scream,

Compare myself with an Ideal;

Is it fake or is it real?


Mirror, mirror, taunt and tease,

Spare me pain I beg you, please,

Eventually I will not bear

To withstand your infernal glare.

Isolate myself from all.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

Emma H, 13/05/2016, aged 25


5 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Reblogged this on In Emma World and commented:

    It’s Throwback Thursday! Nearly the weekend… Today’s poem was originally posted in February. It’s about the way in which our society encourages us to base our self-worth on looks and image – which can have devastating mental effects.


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