Pain Nostalgia

Forlorn strings

And tinkling ivories, twinkling ivories;

Mesmerising, comforting,


Simultaneously sweet and sharp,

Harmonious and discordant.

A music box lullaby,

A melodic melancholy,

A tuneful time capsule,

A harrowing crescendo of memories.

Wilted emotions fresh and blooming,

Dormant bleeds erupting,

Healed scars torn raw,

Heart crushed anew,

Hurt thrust anew,

Swaddled in a lonely bubble

Past and present.

Swathes of darkness soft, caressing,

Heavy, aching.

Ghostly prickling tears

Stinging through solace, sadness,

Phantom emptiness.

A shadow of a breakdown,

An echo of heartbreak.


Nostalgie de la douleur.

Pain nostalgia.

Emma H, 11/05/2016, age 25

The above poem is my first toe-dip into the ocean of poetry blogging, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking!

Pain Nostalgia is partly inspired by the brilliant Ludovico Einaudi’s piece “Due Tramonti” (I strongly recommend a listen – it’s absolutely beautiful). Incidentally this is the first but not last of my poems where Einaudi works his inspirational magic…

One thought on “Pain Nostalgia

  1. Reblogged this on In Emma World and commented:

    Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d repost one of my older poems today – in fact, the first poem I ever published, back in February this year. It’s one of my favourite poems that I’ve composed, based on the flood of conflicting emotions and difficult memories I get when listening to Ludovico Einaudi’s “Due Tramonti”. If you’ve never listened to it, please do – it is an utterly beautiful, heart-wrenching melody.


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