Pain Nostalgia

Forlorn strings

And tinkling ivories, twinkling ivories;

Mesmerising, comforting,


Simultaneously sweet and sharp,

Harmonious and discordant.

A music box lullaby,

A melodic melancholy,

A tuneful time capsule,

A harrowing crescendo of memories.

Wilted emotions fresh and blooming,

Dormant bleeds erupting,

Healed scars torn raw,

Heart crushed anew,

Hurt thrust anew,

Swaddled in a lonely bubble

Past and present.

Swathes of darkness soft, caressing,

Heavy, aching.

Ghostly prickling tears

Stinging through solace, sadness,

Phantom emptiness.

A shadow of a breakdown,

An echo of heartbreak.


Nostalgie de la douleur.

Pain nostalgia.

Emma H, 11/05/2016, age 25

The above poem is my first toe-dip into the ocean of poetry blogging, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking!

Pain Nostalgia is partly inspired by the brilliant Ludovico Einaudi’s piece “Due Tramonti” (I strongly recommend a listen – it’s absolutely beautiful). Incidentally this is the first but not last of my poems where Einaudi works his inspirational magic…


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